Time Flies

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Today I’m thinking about the old saying that says, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” It’s so true really. When we passionately engage our purpose and calling it is enjoyable and fun! It’s not long that we open our eyes and time really has flown by!

I got a very kind note in my inbox today from the company that hosts my blog. They wanted to wish me a Happy Anniversary! They were also very kind to lay out what the last two years has looked like on my blog with all sorts of stats, maps, charts, and pie graphs.

As I stop and think back over the last two years, I am astounded by all of the life changes, growth, and transformation I have experienced. It was two years ago that I jumped off the cliff of writing prompted by a Little Shove. What an intense and profound ride it has been.

I can remember really clearly the day of my first blog. A very dear mentor sat just feet from me as his blue eyes bore into my soul. He asked me why I was keeping all of the brightness God put in me such a secret.


Our No’s Build Walls

It’s funny when I think about how long I said “No” to writing in a way that others could read. It seemed too big, too scary, too arrogant, too risky, too vulnerable, and just plain crazy! “No” seemed the only reasonable and responsible way to respond to this strangely divine nudge to write.

In hindsight I can see how many walls those “Nos” built around me. Walls that kept me hedged in isolation, bound by fear, trapped in insecurity, and blocked from being my truest self. Walls that prevented me from trusting God’s perfect design of me, kept me from embracing what was beautiful in me, stopped me from sharing the light that was burning inside of me.

Our no’s keep us from waking up to the passions and gifts that burn inside of us. Our No’s imprison us to a safe, comfortable, and predictable life. Our No’s make God small enough to control and manipulate for our own agendas, strategies, and ideals.

Our Yes’s Create Parachutes

My mentor charged me to get over myself, me fear, and my insecurity and just write! He challenged me further to commit to it in an outrageous way and just see how God would respond. Something woke up in my soul that day and for the first time a YES spilled out of my heart and across my lips.

In a profoundly new way, my soul felt the rushing wind of an existence without walls. I realized that YES had propelled me quickly out of my neatly constructed and controlled walls to the edge of a cliff where the bottom was not visible. I found myself over the edge with an astonishing desire for a parachute!

Our Yes’s propel us into wide open and uncontrollable spaces where divine wind fuels us to places we could never take ourselves. Our Yes’s empower us to dive into the depths of how God made us and the freedom to fall with confidence. Our Yes’s deliver mysterious mechanisms and pathways that allow us to step into the fullness of who we were made to be.

I don’t know where you are today or what lies in your inbox, but I wonder what you are saying No to today. Where are your No’s building walls? How are your walls making you small?

Is there something right in front of you just waiting for your YES? What transformation lies on the other side of your jump? What will it take to wake you up?

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