Clean Windows


My home has always been a reflection of my family and our personality. We see it as a refuge in a busy and crazy world. It is a calm place of peace, love, and rest.

This week, my home is transitioning into becoming a product for the real estate market. Furniture is being rearranged, pictures are coming down, everything is being cleaned, painted, and simplified. My home is starting to look more like a house.

It’s been an emotional process for myself and my family. We are all very excited about our upcoming move to the UK, but as our home disappears in front of our eyes, there is some very real emotion for all of us. The reality of our changing life is actually happening day by day as the house gets closer to being listed for sale.

As the work gets closer to being finished, the small details are starting to take shape. One that has caught me by surprise is the clean windows. Every window is being cleaned, inside and outside. What a difference it has made!


Before the windows were cleaned, the reflection of the outside world was dull, spotted, and fuzzy. The clean windows provide a completely different view of the yard and the outside world. There is crystal clear clarity and you can see every detail on the trees and the yard.

It’s got me wondering today about what kind of difference it would make if we cleaned the windows of our heart and soul. I wonder how often do we look out the dirty windows of our heart and soul and see a poor and dull reflection of the world. I wonder how many times we make decisions, choose our future, and love from a heart and soul with dirty windows.

Imagine the clarity, confidence, and wisdom that would come from living with clean windows. We could see the world, our relationships, God, our careers, and even ourselves with crystal clear clarity. What possibilities could open to us as we view the world from clean windows?

The process of cleaning windows is quite laborious and extremely tedious. Most cleaning companies won’t even clean windows due to the nature of the job. It is most likely the reason mine have not been cleaned in so long.

How similar that is to my life. There are some windows of my heart and soul that have water spots, cobwebs, and a covering in dust due to poor maintenance. There are areas that have been long ignored, dismissed, and neglected in me.

Funny thing though, a bottle of windex, a squeegee, and a rag was all I needed to have every window inside the house clean in about an hour. I found the right tools, the determination, and the time. In the end, the job was much simpler than I thought!

What do the windows of your heart and soul look like? What tools do you need to clean your windows today? What’s available to you with clean windows?

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