The Poet and I

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The developmental work I am currently doing in Co-Active coaches training is very rich with discovery. I am learning many tools, skills, and principles. I am also learning so much about my life purpose, what I value, and who I am becoming. If you are interested in learning about the deeply discounted Co-Active Coaching Pilot I am offering, check out this LINK.

My writing is always my greatest love and gift and at the same time my most burdensome curse. It is deeply connected to who I am. Today I’d like to share a piece of writing born from a challenge to take a step towards deeper fulfillment in this area of my life. It is a very personal and vulnerable reflection of an intense day of training.

The Poet and I

The cozy room was filled with the warmth of the fireplace and an air of mystery. It almost had a life and personality of its own. The walls resembled four extended arms waiting eagerly for an embrace.

The chair in the corner was filled with an older gentleman. His personality and energy were an identical match to the room. They seemed to feed each other in an unexplainable ways.

Upon first inspection, the gentleman was very simple and very subdued. An observant eye, though, could see a depth of texture beneath the obvious simplicity. This man’s presence seemed to invite honor, observation, and perspective.

His wrinkled skin gathered around his eyes very gently and seemed to contain hidden wisdom. His gray hair peeked out from beneath the hat that lay naturally on his head. The pipe he held in his hand filled the room with a deeply warm and powerful smell.

As I enter the room all of my senses take in this special space and it’s beauty. It feels like it’s a very ancient place that has been here for a long time. It is unlike any place I have experienced in its intimacy and invitation.

The gentleman gestures kindly, offering me the empty chair next to him. It swallows me with a safe and comforting landing. Our eyes meet in a slow and steady glance that holds an eternal connectedness.

I allow the energy of the room and gentleman to influence my entire being and feel my breath fill my body with a deep peace and stillness. His eyes have not moved from mine since I entered the room. He reaches over with an affectionate and nurturing touch and allows his hand to gently rest on my forearm.

“I’m so glad you are here,” he says slowly. The words sink deep into my soul with nourishment. “I am too,” I say with sincerity.

“You are a tenacious woman who pursues transformation like a fire. You are a treasure. You are a valuable soul with many gifts to offer.”

As his words find their way to my ears, his eyes seem to communicate in unison. There is a depth and sincerity that is undeniable. I believe every word he speaks.

“You had quite a day today, didn’t you?” says the Poet.

“Yes sir, I did!”

“Would like to hear what I noticed about today?”

“Yes please!”

He puffs deeply on his pipe, inhales, and slowly exhales the smoke in creatively imaginative shapes. He looks around the room as if it is silently communicating with him. His eyes dance in harmony with the flames of the fire.

“Today was a valuable day for you. You uncovered numerous mysteries, discovered profound truths, and allowed yourself to be fully present. I love that you showed up with all of yourself today and were unrestrained.”

“The meeting between you and the Curator was deeply transformational. I’m grateful that you have such an easy way to access her now. She is a generous and respectful care taker.”

“Your brilliance is deeply multifaceted, widely imaginative, and eternally valuable. You have so much inside of you that will be birthed in its time and it will impact the world. You are a breath of fresh air to all those you connect with you.”

“I know that you are experiencing some frustration right now. You are ending a chapter of your life and transitioning into a space of countless details and chaotic timing. In the middle of that, a fresh wind of creativity is blowing through your life and bringing with it a new and unfamiliar season.”

“This new season is astounding! It holds so many beautiful treasures, surprising discoveries, and hopeful adventures. You can stand in it, with peaceful confidence, an open spirit, and a willing embrace to all that it brings.”

“The canvas of your life purpose is about becoming. Regardless to what paints, mediums, or layers you put on the canvas, they only enhance and project the marvelousness of the canvas. You are a masterpiece.”

“Deep in the bowels of your soul lies the treasure of your being. As you choose to embrace the value of the Crown Jewel and Honor in your life, it is the key to open the vault to the treasure within. You can have a private viewing of that treasure with me and the Curator and you can enjoy all of your beauty, pricelessness, and sacredness.”

My heart feels like a cup that came to a fountain – dry, cracked, and empty – and his words have filled the cup. The bounty of provision becomes too much for the cup and begins rushing over the edge. I feel a completeness and closure to the conversation and day. My heart is full and the Poet and I just sit together in a comfortable silence.

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