Structure vs Rhythm


Transition always brings new challenges, new opportunities, and new lessons. As I have transitioned over the last few months, I have encountered each of these in different ways. I’m learning new things about who God created me to be and having opportunities to live that out fully.

Life has a way of robbing us of our true self. I’m grateful for the journey God is leading me on to recover the person He designed me to be. One thing I am being reminded of is that at the core of who God made me to be is a free spirit.

I confess that most of my years have been lived in opposition to my true self. I have spent years and engaged relationships from the stand point of an absolute control freak. I felt safety in planning, predictability, and order.

Longing for structure engaged my fearful self and provided safety. I held the impression that if everything – life, love, relationships were arranged in a complex way around me, I could somehow retain control. Structure fed my fear and provided me the opportunity of the appearance of openness.

Rhythm, on the other hand, has a foundation but is more dynamic and alive. As I’m learning to be fully alive and fully present, I can be open to the fluidity and movement of rhythm. It provides me the opportunity to truly be open and present.

I’m learning the subtle difference between living a life of structure vs rhythm. Structure is a complex way of arranging, while rhythm is a dynamic measured movement. I was created to live in rhythm with God, myslef, and others.

4 thoughts on “Structure vs Rhythm

  1. These are very interesting thoughts which provoke examination of our journey with God. I too long to live freely within the rhythm of God’s orchestrated plan for life versus walking as a slave to the beat of my own way. Thanks for your insights.

  2. I am somewhere in between structure and rythm…not contemplating either side as the better one…sometimes flowing…sometimes structure, everything sometimes…without boxing myself in to a pattern of living.

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