Quiet Listening


I’ve been a bit silent this week, I haven’t spoken or written a lot. Not because I don’t have anything to say (HA!), but because I am experiencing a new season. A new season filled with more listening than talking, listening to God and others.

I am an active extrovert. I like to be busy and effective and productive. I thrive on “getting things done!” I also love to be with people. I find life and energy in personal interactions with people.

I seem to have received a mysteriously divine invitation to a season of Quiet Listening. A season that involves a lot of solitude, large quantities of silence, and invitations to listen. A season more driven by stillness and rest than activity and productivity.

I am finding that quiet listening requires a tremendous amount of intentional energy. It also requires a deep discipline that is only growing in me at the moment and has a long way to develop. I am learning that quiet listening actually requires some very serious and active focus.

As I learn to quiet my mind and all of the external distractions, the voice of my Creator is whispering some very deep and personal truths to my spirit. Things I would never say to myself and yet long to hear. As difficult as it is for me to practice quiet listening, I am so enjoying the whispers coming my way!

Do you find noise and distraction keep you from listening to God? How does activity, effectiveness, and productivity block you from being present? What are the things your spirit longs to hear right now?

7 thoughts on “Quiet Listening

  1. This is a very interesting emotional exercise.
    It is hard to “be still and quiet” if you are an extrovert who not only has opinions but is extremely eager to share with whom ever comes in your sphere of communication. It is difficult to not speak when conversation stops, maybe fear of quietness can be a phobia of sorts. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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