Divine Appetite

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As humans, we all have appetites for various things. Some have appetites for money, power, or control. Others have appetites for love, relationships, and family. We are creatures who long to be satiated and gratified.

A favorite verse from Psalms 34 says:

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—
         how good God is.
   Blessed are you who run to him.

It’s got me curious today about our divine appetite. How often does our appetite stir for a “taste” of God? Do we long for Him the way we long for so many other things? It’s funny to think about being hungry for God. How exactly do we consume the eternal? How do we fill ourselves with the divine?

I experience that strange sensation daily. Like the rumbling of my stomach that reminds me that my body needs fuel. My soul has a mysterious rumbling that drives me to connect with God in a way that will bring it satisfaction. Thirst is so much the same way. Just as my mouth gets dry and parched and needs water to quench the need, my soul finds itself thirsty for God’s presence. My soul often feels like a dry and empty sponge that cries out for moisture.

I find that as my divine appetite is stirred and my soul finds itself desiring to be filled and satisfied with God’s presence, finding a quiet moment to make an intimate connection is like turning on the water faucet. The truth is that those who long to be satisfied by God and who follow that appetite, will be filled. Sadly, we often find ourselves so distracted and consumed by other appetites, we are always to full to develop a healthy divine appetite.

Our appetites are important because they speak to what is most important in our lives. The appetites we work to satisfy the most, are the things we hold most dear. Similar to the foods we eat, when we don’t eat a varied and healthy diet, we find ourselves malnourished and with deficiencies in essential building blocks for our health. Our spirits experience the same things when other appetites crowd out our divine appetite.

What appetites are the strongest in your life? Is your spirit feeling malnourished? What appetites need to be crowded out in order to make more room to stimulate your divine appetite?

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