Gold Medal Moment

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For the last few weeks, we have had the privilege of watching athletes from all over the world represent their countries in astounding ways. The Olympics provide such a beautifully human side to athletics. We see the stories of each olympic hero unfold, we hear the tales of their trials and triumphs, and we cheer them on to achieve their dreams.

Photograph: Julia Hoyle/PA courtesy of The guardian

I have to admit, I am an Olympic crier! As the stories unfold of each athlete, the tales of the hard work and training, the stories of their families, and the tragedy to triumph elements of their stories, I am brought to shameless tears of celebration at their victory. There is something inspiring about witnessing humans overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve the unimaginable!

As I have cried my way through each gold medal moment over the last few weeks, my spirit has been reminded of the truth that each of us have our own gold medal moments. They haven’t been played out on a global stage or shared with millions, but their value is just as significant to our souls. There is a room somewhere in the depths of each of our souls where God has created a place to house all the gold medals of our human journey.

Those moments are represented by specific memories associated with experiences of triumph we’ve encountered on our life’s path. They are the snapshots of our life that tell the soul’s stories of hard work and training, love and loss, tragedy to triumph, and miraculous redemption. It occurs to me today that those moments are not meant to be displayed in a room unseen by others, but to be celebrated and shared.

Our lives are meant to tell the story of redemption every day to the world around us. The human experience inspires others as they witness these mere human souls overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve the unimaginable! We all have gold medal moments to share with the world around us!

What are your gold medal moments? What blocks you from sharing your journey with others?  How does your life tell the story of redemption?

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