Transformation : Friend or Foe?


I talk about transformation a lot, in my life and the lives of others. In all reality, it is a messy, frustrating, complicated, difficult, painful, and chaotically beautiful spiritual adventure for those brave souls willing to step into uncertainty. Transformation is a spiritual process for those with an appetite to become all they were created to be, at any cost.

The question we have to ask ourselves about transformation is, is it our friend or our foe? Do I want to embrace transformation like a good friend with trust and respect? Or do I want to run from and avoid transformation like an aggressive foe?

The honest truth about transformation is that it is the supernatural activity of God in our lives and it’s arrival and presence unnerve us because it always comes in unexpected ways. Deep spiritual transformation will require us to surrender our pride, our ideal life, our perceived safety, our desire to control, our comfort in relationships, and our false view of life. Transformation often presents itself in our lives in the form of failure, surrender, conflict, pain, messiness, difficult relationships,  sickness, and chaos.

Given our basic human flight or fight response, I think many view transformation as a foe. We recognize that deep transformation of our souls requires us to step out of our comfort zone, surrender integral parts of ourself, be invited into uncertainty, and take significant risk. Most of our flight responses unknowingly kick in and take over before we have time to consciously consider what is happening.

Unfortunately, viewing and responding to transformation as a foe does only one thing for us, it keeps us suspended, immobile, and static on our spiritual journey.  When we hold, white knuckled, onto all of the things that make us feel safe and in control, we settle for safe and predictable and sacrifice freedom in the process. Strangely, when we view transformation as a foe, we block the supernatural activity of God in our souls.

Finding the courage and strength to look into the face of uncertainty, trusting that transformation is our friend, can lead us on an adventurous journey to becoming fully alive as the person we were created to be. Like with any friendship, you have to be willing to take the risk that this friend will not always agree with you, do things your way, or make you comfortable. God’s spiritual process of transformation is a friend that is far more concerned with your becoming than your comfort.

Transformation, at its core, is about surrender and detachment. It is God’s divine intervention in our lives to detach our hearts and souls from those temporary things that occupy space in our souls that was meant for Him alone. The process of transformation requires us to open our hands and hold everything very loosely, understanding there may be things in our hands that keep us from becoming all that we were created to be.

Do you see transformation as friend or foe?

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