From the Archives : Beauty of Brokeness

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Originally Posted: January 18, 2012

I was recently inspired by an image of a beautiful dress made entirely out of broken china. The designer had taken a gorgeous china set, probably worth a lot of money in its original state, and completely shattered the set. The artist then took the broken pieces and crafted a beautifully designed garment out of the broken pieces. I’m not sure the value of the garment, but regardless of dollar amount, my assumption is that it is far more valuable to the artist in the finished state than its original.

The piece inspired me to take a deeper look at the Beauty of Brokeness. If someone were to have entered the artist’s studio as they smashed that valuable china set to pieces they would have been appalled, maybe even judgemental towards the artist for their choices. To see something of beauty and value being shattered can bring shock, disbelief, doubt, and even anger. Without knowing the artist’s design and intention, it would be very easy to question their choices in the creative process. But, to look beyond the shattered pieces on the floor and see the intent of the masterpiece, a viewer could really appreciate not only the Beauty of Brokeness, but the process to the masterpiece.

The piece and my imagination of the process reminds me so much of our lives here on earth, especially those walking in recovery. Our lives, they seem, start out with such beauty and we do everything we can to keep everything in one piece. Like the owner of the china set who locks it away for safe keeping and protection. We do that with our souls on a daily basis. We guard ourselves from chips, bangs, and damage. There is often a point in time where the shattered pieces of our lives are in a pile on the studio floor of God, the Divine Artist. We often respond in shock, disbelief, doubt, and even anger at the shattered scene. It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine the final creative product.

It is just harder for us to see God’s intention and design for the finished product of the Masterpiece He is creating with our lives. We see only the value of the original and completely miss the Beauty of the Brokeness. To be able to look into the image of our lives from God’s perspective and appreciate the process and intended masterpiece is a journey and takes time. An interesting choice is that while we are on the floor of the studio and God is in the middle of the creative process, would be to see His other work. To look at the masterpieces He has created around us and celebrate His work can inspire us. To be able to see the Beauty from Brokeness He has created is an inspirational gift that gives us hope for the work He is doing in our lives.

How are you still a “work in progress” on God’s studio floor? Where do you see beauty from Brokeness around you?

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