If I died today…


there would be an outpouring of love, I have no doubt. People, who love me, would rally and pray for my husband and kids. There would be physical, verbal, and spiritual expressions of love, appreciation, and kindness.

Today, I will be attending a memorial service for a man taken from this world by violence far too soon. He was a courageous overcomer, a devoted father, and a generous giver. I wonder how often he heard that when he had breath in his body.

In pure love, this man and his life will be honored in a beautiful way. His selfless nature, servant heart, and loving friendship will be celebrated. His family and friends will be comforted, cherished, and loved.

It makes me wonder how many times he wondered if anyone cared. I wonder how many times he looked in the mirror and was curious about the purpose of his life. I’m curious if he knew how loved, respected, and admired he really was in this life.

Why is it that we wait until someone is on the other side of the grave to express those things? Why is it easier to remember someone’s uniqueness than it is to express it? How many things fall on our lips everyday and remain unsaid?

If I died today, love, respect, and admiration would be openly and unashamedly expressed. I’m curious today about the walls we build and the fear we live in that keep us from that expression everyday. My relationships would be revolutionized if I could be brave enough to let those expressions fall from my lips everyday!

What is lingering for you that is unsaid today? Whose uniqueness do you need to express today? Say the things that sit silently on your lips TODAY!

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