Frailty of Life


I often think about the frailty of life and this strange existence called the human experience. It is such an intriguing mystery to me. Realizing my journey is far more centered around seeking the clues than solving the mystery, I continually seek.

This week the frailty of life confronted the community where I live in a tragic way. A gentle, compassionate, and generous father was taken from this world in a single moment of violence. One moment his life was full of promise and the next it was gone.

This human journey is short. It is fragile. It is important.

To think of life being cut out before it’s time is unjust. It can make some shake their fist at a God who would allow such tragedy. It can make others fall on their knees in gratitude that this life is not the end.

For me, it reminds me that I am not in control of anything and I am not promised tomorrow. It reminds me, in a palpable way, that how I live and love really matters. It reminds to live my life in a way that positively impacts the world around me.

Life is temporary. Life is fleeting. Love is the mysterious bridge that makes this temporary and fleeting existence matter.

How does your life build a bridge of love to others? How are you choosing to live this fragile life on purpose?

4 thoughts on “Frailty of Life

  1. Thanks for reminding us again how fragile life is…….. our friend will be dearly missed but I am thankful in knowing his eternal life was secured.

  2. This is a really beautiful statement: “Love is the mysterious bridge that makes this temporary and fleeting existence matter.” People spend so much time searching for meaning somewhere else and ignoring what is right in front of them. There is so much love in our lives already, if we just open our eyes and see it.

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