What I learned from the Redwoods

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I’ve spent the last few days in Northern California with family. We came to celebrate the graduation of my nephew. It’s been cool weather, fun times, and great scenery.

There is really no more mystical place on earth than among the Redwoods. No place can remind us of our finite, limited, and small existence. Standing beneath their massive expanse almost feels like you’ve entered another world.

The floor of the forrest consists of a gathering of dropped leaves that are decomposing, delicate species of plants that need excessive shade, and thick and palpable silence. You almost make a strange agreement with the silence as you enter the forrest. It’s as if you say, “I know this place is sacred and I don’t belong here, but I appreciate your hospitality.”

The community of redwoods are a gracious host and openly invite you to experience the mystery. They don’t need a tour guide because if you are observant, they will narrate their own stories. They show you where trees have fallen, grown, been damaged, and survived.

My mysterious experience in the Redwoods makes me wonder about the mystic nature of our lives. As people encounter the mystery of my life, do they find me a gracious host like the Redwoods? Do they experience the mystery of my soul in a way that needs no narrator?

I wonder if my life, like the Redwood Forrest, consists of ingredients that create a mysterious silence that invites exploration. More times than not, visitors to my soul probably encounter locked gates, closed doors, and Do Not Disturb signs. I long for that to not be true, but for now it is my reality.

I wait for the mysterious transformation God is doing in my soul that brings me to a place of true openness. A time when my soul more resembles the graciousness of the Redwood Forrest than its present state. A time where fear has no place and love is experienced first.

Are you currently living with an open heart that invites people in? What stories do the mystery of your life and soul tell? What transformation are you actively pursuing?

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