From the Archives: On a Divine Timeline

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Originally posted March 7, 2012

The check in the mail. The babies cold. The new job offer. The teenagers accident. The call from the doctor. The generous gift. The busted water pipe. The new pregnancy. The parent’s illness.  The promotion. The breakup. The unexpected move.

All moments of chaos and joy that enter our lives without a moments notice. So many call these “coincidences” or “random” things that life just throws our way. But, what if they are not? What if, in our finite human experience, these are moments on a Divine Timeline? What if they are all purposeful interactions between God and us? What if these are ways that God connects with us? Reaches out to us? Pursues us?

I was recently in a conversation with someone who is newly entering the 12 Step journey. They were describing similar circumstances and massive moments of change in their life. I realized in that conversation, that as their sponsor, I had neglected to tell them a very important piece of information. I forgot to tell them that when you start the 12 steps, your life usually gets turned completely upside down and inside out. It seemed appropriate as they started to work Step One that I welcome them to Powerlessness! :)

I have had a slew of circumstances, interactions, situations, and conversations that have all been pointing to this mysterious idea of being on a Divine Timeline. In my own humanity, I often feel like I am waiting for God to speak, to move, to reveal, or to act. In all honesty, it can cause me to sit in my doubt, nurse my self-pity, and embrace my disbelief. This week I have started to ask these questions about being on a Divine Timeline and started to look for clues.

I am starting to filter life’s so-called ”coincidences” and “random” moments of joy and chaos through new perception. I am starting to see God’s hand reaching in to my world and the world of others. I am beginning to see those moments as a personally intimate interaction with the Creator of the universe. I can imagine them as dots on a Divine Timeline that is intricately orchestrated by a loving Father.

What kind of “coincidences” and “randomness” has entered your life recently? Could it be a purposeful interaction between God and you? Is He trying to get your attention? Could God be reaching out to you?

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