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This week has felt so strange to not be blogging every day! But, I have written more this week than in any other week for the last year and a half! It has been exciting, challenging, thrilling, boring, frustrating, and fulfilling all at the same time.

So, I decided today to share with you some of what’s been cooking in my kitchen this week. It was about ten years ago when the idea for this book was born. I was a young(er) mom with two kids in elementary school.

I recognized pretty early that the breakfast table every morning provided me with a hungry and captive audience to the stomachs, minds, and hearts of my kids. I started, what I thought at the time was  tradition, of reading through the Proverbs over breakfast. We would have conversations and discussions about life as an elementary student and how what we were reading could help them make good decisions, build strong friendships, and practice integrity.

Those years of tradition have borne themselves into what is becoming my first book, Proverbs and Pancakes: Morning Morsels of Wisdom. It’s a labor of love as I fondly remember an era in my house that has passed and consider the families that might one day enjoy the same treasure. It’s also a challenge to wake up everyday and embrace my identity as an author and write, write, and then write some more.

Today, I am going to share a small excerpt from the book. Imagine it’s a Thursday morning and you have hungry and eager kids at the breakfast table with you as you read. If you actually have kids, read it to them…I would love to hear their feedback, as well as yours! 🙂


     Proverbs 11:17 “When you’re kind to others, you help yourself. When you’re cruel to others, you hurt yourself.” (MSG)

The playground is crowded and noisy. Kids are running, screaming, swinging, and playing all around you. You are looking for your friend so that you can play.

As you spot your friend you can see that they are playing with some other kids. You run over excited to play with the group. One of the kids in the group starts to be mean to you and tells you they don’t want you to play.

What do you do? It’s so easy to be mean to mean kids. But after you’ve said that mean thing to that mean kid, do you feel any better?

Proverbs teaches us that when we are mean to others, we actually hurt ourselves. We walk away from that situation feeling awful, don’t we? But, the opposite is true, when we are kind to others, we actually help ourselves.

It can be very hard to be kind to someone who is being mean to us. It can almost feel uncomfortable to have someone be mean to us and be kind back to them. If we remember that being kind to someone who is mean can actually help us, it can motivate us to choose kindness.

  Parents, tell your students about a time when someone was mean to you. Share about a time when you chose to be kind to someone that was mean. Discuss together who you might be kind to, even if they are mean today. Be ready to share the story at the dinner table tonight.

       God, it doesn’t feel good when people are mean to me. It seems so much easier to just be mean back. Please teach me how to be kind to others, even when they are mean. Teach me to walk away from someone who I can’t be kind to. Show me how to be kind when it’s hard. Thank you for teaching me how to love other people.

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