State of my Soul


I was hoping this morning I would wake up with the ability to verbally express something of value. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, so I’m writing anyway.

The best way I know how to describe what I’m experiencing is with a word picture. It might seem obvious, or even silly, but it really is the visual I continue to see in my mind. I see it in my mind a little like this….

Imagine that my soul is like a pantry. The pantry is wide open, well stocked, and super organized. Everything has a place and everything is in its place.

As you step into the pantry, you can see it is well stocked and well-organized to fulfill its purpose. It’s obvious that this pantry has been well-managed, planned, and strategized to get the job done. You might even be interested in the amount of effort that went into the state of the pantry.

Suddenly, an earthquake like event happens and begins to shift, move, and disrupt this well-managed pantry. The glass bottles of jelly at the top of the pantry slip off, crack, and spill their contents and broken glass everywhere. Containers burst open, fall off shelves, spill over, and create havoc in the neatly organized pantry.

The pantry now more resembles a war zone than its former managed glory. You cannot really even enter the pantry due to the disaster in the middle of the floor. It becomes painfully obvious there is much to be done.

After my week in the School for Spiritual Direction with Dr. Larry Crabb, that is a perfect picture of how I am feeling. I am most certainly experiencing a paradigm shift in my thinking and relating. That is the story of the state of my soul today.

What is the state of your soul? Does it need organizing, reorganizing, or stocking?

6 thoughts on “State of my Soul

  1. I can attest to the fact that being transformed by the renewing of your mind can be messy but sometimes it seems like that is the only way God can dislodge things enough to get them moved out, moved around and reformed. I was just talking with someone yesterday and I mentioned how I hope I never get so use to the form that I miss the formation. Richest blessings to you always.

  2. I think that your picture is very accurate! The thing I love is that GOD in his mercy will not allow our comfort to eclipse our dependence on HIM. Which ultimately is our best place. Dependent on our DADDY in heaven. Rock on lisa.

    • Thanks Patrick!! I am learning to let go of my comfort, be confused, and allow for awkwardly dishevled places in my soul. I become totally desparate for Him in that place! 🙂

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