A Beautiful Symphony

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 Today’s guest post is by someone very close to me, my husband, Todd O’Brien. My surprise at finding his submission in my inbox turned to delight after I read what he had to share. He is a brilliantly creative musician and human being with a spirit that spreads joy and laughter to the world.

Todd works as a Marketing Executive at Dell by day, but lives and breathes in creative spaces. He is incredibly gifted as a leader and has used that in Corporate America for 13 years. His unique ability to combine strong leadership skills with unique creativity sparks life, fun, and laughter wherever he goes!

As a musician I am drawn to beautiful sounds. I hear music in a noisy city, a thunderstorm, and even in the a dead silent snow-covered forest. It is all about the rhythms, syncopation and varied pitches. A cricket, a bird, the wind, construction machinery or  a street full of honking taxis – it all seems to work together in perfect harmony.  I remember as a kid making music out of my chore of vacuuming the house. I think I have hummed every interval of harmony with the family Hoover.

You can imagine the party in my ears when I actually hear a symphonic orchestra. It is magical and moves me like nothing else. One night I was trying to go to sleep and I kept hearing a very faint music. It sounded like two singers engaging in a vocal tango. I could not pinpoint the source. After checking every electronic device in the house and standing in multiple corners trying to pinpoint the duet, I finally solved the puzzle. Two mosquitos we dancing together on our ceiling while humming pitches that fit perfectly together. Ok maybe I am a bit of a freak, but that was an awesome experience.

I think of all the beautiful sounds I miss some days when I get stuck in my head worrying about what is going to happen or being consumed by what has already happened. My symphony of life becomes mangled and sounds a bit like Mr. Holand’s freshmen band class. I don’t stop to enjoy the world around me and I miss magical moments.

Have you rushed into your day and missed the music or have you stopped today to listen to the incredible world around you? 

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