Life lessons from Powerwashing

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My favorite springtime chore at my house is powerwashing. It absolutely thrills me. I spent the better part of yesterday on the garage and driveway.

While it will take me the better part of a week to completely finish my chore, I have enjoyed starting it. As my ear buds blared music in my ears yesterday and the filth of the winter washed away from the house, I learned some things. Life lessons come in all sorts of packages really, even powerwashing!

As the dirt faded away and the water washed clear, I realized some interesting things about life.

  • Life will always add more dirt! Powerwashing, like growth, is not a one time deal. Every spring the house is clean, but as the year progresses, dirt and filth accumulate. Life is so much the same way. We might have a catalytic event that promotes new life, growth, change, and transformation in our lives. But, in time, life will add dirt. It’s important to remember that we have to give our lives a “yearly powerwashing” to remove the filth of the previous seasons.
  • Restoration is a slow process! As I was powerwashing, I found myself wanting to sweep a broad stroke across the whole driveway. The reality, if I want it to be restored, is that I had to take it methodically section by section. I have to pay close attention to the stains and discolorations. I have to be patient. Restoration and transformation in our lives is so similar. There is no broad stroked powerwasher that just restores everything in an instant. We have to patiently walk through the process of renewal in our lives.
  • There are just some stains that are permanent! As much as I tried, there were some oil stains that just would not come off the driveway. It was very frustrating for me as I worked. As I finished a section of the driveway and looked at it, the stains and spots actually added texture and character to the driveway. It looked like real people lived, drove, and used that driveway. I realized that our lives are much the same. We all have scars living this imperfect life in this imperfect world with imperfect people. It is often our scars, spots, and stains that add texture and character to our lives and the world around us!

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