Liberation multiplies liberation


I have a favorite poem by Marianne Williamson called Deepest Fear. I have written twice about that poem and how it speaks to me,  HERE and HERE. Both times, it seems, I focused on my fear and development.

I loved going back and reading those today, because it is a reminder of the amazing journey I am on with my Creator. As He continues to slowly develop me, grow me, heal me, and move me forward, there is tangible evidence of that movement through my writing. Sometimes seasons of development can seem futile and still, but when you write through them you can see evidence of growth and transformation, (which is why I am such a huge proponent of journaling!!).

Today as I walked by that poem, that now sits on my piano, my mind became curious about a different part of the poem. The words at the end of the poem seemed to jump out of the frame at me today. They say this,

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others

After my challenging and stretching weekend at Discovery this last weekend, I am definitely feeling liberated from my own fear. Maybe for the first time ever. The weekend helped me realize that one of my deepest fears is rejection and have lived my life giving the world permission to reject me.

The poem sheds an interesting light on my recent experience. I have been living under my fear giving the world permission to reject me. As I live in my new-found liberation and let my light shine, as it should, I begin to give other people permission to shine.

What a transformation! For me and for the world around me! Liberation multiplies liberation!

What are you giving the world around you permission to do? How could your freedom from fear impact your world? What is standing in your way?

2 thoughts on “Liberation multiplies liberation

  1. I’ve come to grips with the need to have freedom from the fear of failure. We’re conditioned to base our self-esteem on our ability to rise above the crowd; to achieve whatever we put our minds to without ever falling short in any respect. But that stifles creativity and lowers the standards of our dreams. One of my favorite movies is the animated “Meet The Robinsons” where the family actually celebrates the lead character’s failure because it builds character and improves his chances at being successful when he tries it again.

    And, you’re absolutely right Lisa, freedom is contagious.

    • Dave, thanks for sharing that example from that movie. I had completely forgotten that detail! What a great reminder…to celebrate our failures as they build charachter! 🙂

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