Broken Beauty


We work so hard to “have it all together.” We are convinced that perfect, or close to it, is beautiful. So we strive, we hide, and we pursue perfection.

Why is it so hard for us to see our brokeness as beautiful? Why do we work so hard to hide it, to fix it, or to destroy it? What would our lives look like if we could see our life as a broken beauty?

Celebrating the beauty of our brokeness has the faulty reputation of being weakness. I’m curious about what it would look like to challenge that thinking. What if celebrating the beauty of our brokeness, in some supernatural mystery, is actually strength?

Paul received these words from God to the Corinthian church about his own tremendous weakness,

 My grace is enough; it’s all you need.    My strength comes into its own in your weakness. 

I would love to see God’s strength “come into its own” in my life! According to Paul, that only happens when I let down my walls and am willing to stand in my powerlessness. When I recognize my own weakness and inability to make my life work, I find grace.

Today, I’m celebrating the broken beauty that is my life that enables me to experience God’s grace. A fresh reminder of the amazing power of powerlessness! I want to stand in that space of needing grace so that God’s strength can “come into its own” in my life today.

Do you find yourself striving, hiding, and pursuing perfection? Why is it difficult for you to see beauty in your brokeness? Where do you need grace today?

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