Natural Habitat


Spring cleaning can sometimes turn into a bit of a treasure find in my house. After an hour or so every member of the family is shouting, “OH! Thaaaat’s where this was!” I found something fun in my cleaning of the bookcase this week.

I found a brochure for a Bucket List adventure that I have been dreaming about for quite some time! It is a Polar Bear Safari with Tundra Buggy. I love animals, but there are a few that I have a deep and unexplainable connection with and Polar Bears are one of them.

I remember visiting the Portland Zoo with my kids and adoring the Polar Bear exhibit there. My kids had to eventually pull ME away so that we could see the rest of the zoo. I’ve often wondered about my deep connection to these amazing creatures.

There is something majestic and mysterious about Polar bears. They are incredibly powerful and strong and yet have very gentle eyes and graceful movement. I would absolutely love to see them in their natural habitat, without cages and barriers.

Today I’m curious if my connection to them is that I possess some of those same qualities. I, as a human, have something majestic and mysterious about me. I am incredibly powerful and strong and yet have a gentleness and gracefulness.

I think there is a place in my own soul where I long to see myself in my natural habitat. To explore and experience life without cages and barriers. To fully live life exactly as I was created to live.

Today, I will dream of those furry creatures and the day I meet them in their natural habitat. I will also let them inspire me to embrace my own unique creation. I will give myself permission to be exactly who I was created to be!

What is your natural habitat? Who were you created to be? What does your life look like without cages and limitations?

2 thoughts on “Natural Habitat

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about who I was created to be. But I haven’t thought about my “natural habitat”… a place of no cages or barriers… a place where I function at my best. I’d like to say it’s in a community of like-minded similar-to-me people… that love to sip coffee and love life. But the truth is, it’s probably in the Body of Christ… full of misfits and different people… using our gifts for His Kingdom… united by God’s Spirit. That really is where I feel my heart come alive. (As long as I can have a coffee with a kindred-heart every now and again!)

    • Thanks for your comment! Yeah, isn’t it funny how we desire to be with others exactly like us and yet somehow know that we were made to be with “misfits and different people.” I wonder if polar bears ever wish the sea lions would just go away so the polar bear community can just enjoy a coca cola togther! 😉

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