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We write because we were made to write. Sometimes we write poetry, books, stories, articles, movies, blogs, journals, or songs. We could even just be scribbling our thoughts on a napkin, or punching them into our phone.

Regardless to what we write or why we write, we do it because we love it. It’s true that one of the goals for most writers is to be published one day. For a lot of writers, they just want to write and they don’t want to play the game of publishers.

The good news is that the world of publishing is quickly changing. Let me introduce you to Jeff Goins . Jeff writes on writing and his blog empowers, informs, and encourages writers.

I have been taking his Intentional Blogging course for a few weeks and am already learning a lot. He has other resources available, one is an Ebook he wrote a while back entitled, Writer’s Manifesto, that is such a great reminder for writers. Recently, I received a copy of his new Ebook, Every Writer’s Dream, which is an incredibly practical tool.

Every Writer’s Dream very clearly describes some of the changes in the publishing industry. Jeff lays out a clear and practical plan that enables the writer to change their trajectory. My favorite line in the book is when Jeff says,

It’s time to stop waiting to be asked and start creating!

So, for Blogger’s Eyes Only today, I hope you will take the time to introduce yourself to Jeff and some of his resources. I can promise that you will be informed, encouraged, and equipped after a short stop at his blog! Enjoy and start creating!

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