Good Friday?


Good Friday. The day the world commemorates the brutal death of Jesus on the cross. I used to wonder why it was called Good Friday.

I didn’t grow up in church. Easter to me was about a new dress, new white shoes, Easter egg hunts, and a new pet or animal of some kind. I think I remember going to church maybe one Easter as a kid and it was very confusing.

I began a relationship with Jesus in my late teens and had a lot to learn. I learned very quickly that He was more than the virgin born Son of God, more than the bloody man beaten and  hanging from a cross, and more than the supernatural figure who resurrected from the tomb. He became my best friend.

So, I wondered, why on Earth would I call the day He died Good Friday? I vascelated between feeling angry over the perceived disrespect and confused at an obvious insiders fact that went over my head. I confess it bothered me for years.

I’ve come to learn, in my own way, why it’s called Good Friday. It’s the day that Jesus, Son of God, willingly chose to lay down His life in order to build a bridge between broken and flawed humanity and a supernatural and holy God. He chose it so that we could be called Sons and Daughters of God and share in the eternal inheritance of Jesus.

It takes on a new meaning when I realize it is because of what Jesus did on this day that I am invited into relationship with Him. It’s because of His supernatural humility and surrender to all of the brutality and violence He suffered on this day that I can call Him my best friend. I realize that it is because of what He endured on this day that I have been forever changed, restored, and transformed!

It is a Good Good Friday!!

2 thoughts on “Good Friday?

  1. Emma, my eleven-year-old, asked the same question recently. I had her read your blog for today and it gave her more perspective on the name “Good Friday.” We watched the Passion Play at a local church yesterday that obviously included Jesus’ death, which was absorbed by said child. She’ll probably struggle with it some more like you did, but she’ll also get it right as well.

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