Doors of opportunity

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Our lives don’t always follow out the path we map out for it, there are unexpected twists and turns along the way. We find doors along our journey and have the choice to stand by curiously, enter, or continue along our way. Each door seems to represent an opportunity.

Doors of opportunity in our lives come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes the opportunity is for growth, the door holds a new challenge that stretches us to our limit and brings growth. Some doors hold trials and troubles, as we open them (or they are opened for us) we face difficulty that shapes our character.

As I begin to be curious about the doors of opportunity in my own life, I realize my tendency is to be careful. I tend to stand in front of a door willing it to be a positive experience free of pain or difficulty. My hearts desire is to be able to discern if the opportunity is one God wants for me and open the door…regardless to what’s on the other side.

True transformation in my present spiritual walk would look more like surrender and less like negotiation. It would look like my spirit in submission to God and my mind (and all of its noise) being quieted. There are many doors of opportunity in my path and I really want to open to whatever God’s prepared for me.

How do you view the doors of opportunity God places on your path? What does true transformation look like for you today?

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