Faulty thinking

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We all imagine ourselves to be right in our own minds. It’s human nature. Our minds are powerful machines that are intensely accurate, right?

But what happens when our thinking is faulty? When everything we thought was right is wrong, where do we start to sort out the confusion? The results of faulty thinking can create all kids of chaos in our lives.

Faulty thinking leads to:

  • Faulty response – If my thinking is backwards or upside down from the truth, it can lead to me responding to situations and people in unreasonable ways. Imagine with me that I am thinking my husband is acting suspicious. I take that thought and construct a whole scenario based on faulty thinking. I respond to him with anger, bitterness, and accusations. My response to him, when he surprises me with the secret trip he has been planning, is unreasonable.
  • Faulty reality – Faulty thinking can cause me to enter into a faulty reality that I sincerely believe is true. My children’s grades start to suffer and I engage faulty thinking that tells me they are being lazy. I find myself entering a faulty reality in which my child is lazy and live as if that’s true. Their chores get increased, because I’m going to teach them work ethic. Their privileges get taken away, because I think they are distracting. The unfortunate piece about this faulty reality is that my child is not lazy, they are actually working doubly hard in school and needs some extra help.
  • Faulty relationship – Faulty thinking wreaks havoc in relationships every day. If I falsely imagine a family member is speaking negatively about me to the rest of the family, it is going to stop that relationship in its tracks. When I wrongly think that someone trusts me, I might share my heart and soul with them. Due to the faulty relationship, I will most likely end up being betrayed. If I wrongly judge someone for something I’ve seen or heard, it can cause me to pull away and shut down an otherwise healthy relationship.

Our thinking and it’s relationship to the truth matters in our day-to-day lives. The same truths and principles can be applied to the way we think about God. Our relationship with our Creator is positively or negatively affected by what we think about Him.

Where might you be embracing faulty thinking? How does it affect you, your life, and your relationships?

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