Growing pains


Growing is a natural process that happens to all living things. It always brings with it pain, angst, and discomfort. Our avoidance, resistance, and fear of growth is in direct relationship with growing pains.

I’m in the middle of a season of massive and intense personal and spiritual growth. While I am excited about the results of the growth, I confess I fear the growing pains. I can sense myself desiring to avoid the discomfort, the angst, and the fear.

Our choices in response to growing pains directly affect the journey God leads us through. If my response is humble surrender, it gives Him permission to bring growth and transformation His way. If my response is control, pride, and fear, I shackle myself to my own plans and He doesn’t have the space to bring growth to my life.

I’m questioning today of the origin of thinking that we are always supposed to be comfortable. Where did we learn that life was designed to be a series of easy, simple, and painless moments that lead us closer to the heart of God? The journey from being a broken and imperfect human to experiencing intimate and merciful relationship with the Creator of the Universe is fueled by growing pains.

Where are you avoiding growing pains? How can you choose humble surrender today?

2 thoughts on “Growing pains

  1. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it’s ironic that this post about growing pains doesn’t have as many likes or comments as your posts usually get. It may even help to drive your point home. We don’t do well with pain and it’s easier to ignore it than to deal with it. So, you can be sure the many people have read and know you’re speaking truth.

    Or, maybe it’s just because it’s Monday.

    As always, great post, Lisa.

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