Mundane or Miraculous

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Water into wine. Sight to the blind. Lepers healed. Raising the dead.

These are the first thoughts that come to my mind when I think of miracles. I think of the things Jesus did when He was on this earth and I am amazed. My spirit is awakened at the thought of miraculous supernatural movement in the lives of people.

My spirit is moved at miraculous moments. I’m curious today how my mind’s desire for logic and reason often filter potentially miraculous moments. I recognize very often my perspective can see the miraculous as mundane.

When a family loses a child, but finds their way through grief to healing, is that not a supernatural miraculous movement? When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, but finds the courage to fight for life, isn’t that a miracle? When a man destroys his career, his family, and his life through destructive choices, but finds his way through the pain and shame to a new life, is that not a supernatural miraculous moment?

Today I want to filter the stories I hear, the lives I encounter and the relationships I engage by seeing the possibility of the miraculous in the mundane. I want to see my spirit’s strength increase and my mind’s strength decrease as I see the miraculous moments all around me. I want to see my perspective shift in a way that I can celebrate miraculous moments where God engages our humanity everyday!

Where might there be miracles in your mundane? How does your minds need for logic and reason block the miraculous from your sight?

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