Resting in chaos

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I have a very high tolerance for chaos. It honestly takes quite a lot to really rattle me. This week dosed out chaos in mass quantities that sufficiently rattled me.

In less than 7 days, my family has experienced an ER visit due to anaphylactic shock, international travel accompanied by an earthquake, a sinus and ear infection, a scratch on an eyeball from a pencil, and a decent dose of car trouble. Bucket loads of chaos in a very short span of time. I admit that it has significantly rattled me and I am exhausted from it all.

I am really left with two choices. One would be to give in to the exhaustion in unhealthy ways in order to numb, avoid, deny, or escape the emotions that acccompany such chaos. The other is to rest.

Today, I am choosing to rest in the chaos. Planting my feet firmly in my faith that this too shall pass. I will rest in the knowledge that every day offers a fresh start, a new adventure, and even the gift of rest…when I choose it!

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