From the Archives : Stories are Written to be Told

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Originally posted on December 28, 2011

Stories are written to be told. Our lives are each individual stories that unfold chapter by chapter. I wonder how many of us are really telling the stories of our live as we live them. Some of us choose to keep a really good story to ourselves and not share it with others. Some brave souls put their story right out in front of them for the world to read. Stories are written to be told.

I have recently been inspired by a local Austin teenager named Ben Breedlove. He was 18 years old and had been living with a fatal heart condition. He had a stroke and near death experience at the beginning of December. This brave young man died on Christmas night, but 8 days before he died, he shared his story! Oh, that we would live so boldly and bravely!

Ben’s Memorial Service was hosted at Gateway Church just 3 days after this was originally posted. If you are interested in watching the beautifully moving tribute to a short life lived well, you can watch it HERE.


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