Fresh Rain


My house remained still and quiet all morning this lazy Saturday morning. It was aided by the fresh rain that fell on the roof all night and all morning. It was such a peaceful and welcome morning.

There is something beautifully relaxing about a Texas spring rain. It is always such a gift and blessing, especially during times of drought. It is also a hopeful sign that wildflowers and new life is about to spring up.

This morning as I am grateful for the fresh rain falling outside my window, I more deeply desire a fresh rain to fall on my soul. A rain that will soak up the dry and thirsty ground that exists deep in my soul. A rain that will bring forth signs of new life springing up inside of me.

As each drop falls outside my window, it is accompanied by a continued conversation with God. An ongoing conversation in which we have both become familiar. A conversation about Him sending His fresh rain to relieve the drought in my soul.

How strong is your need/desire for a fresh rain? What are the signs of drought that your soul is showing?

2 thoughts on “Fresh Rain

  1. Nice writing. It draws me to the conversation Jesus had with the woman at the well in John 4. Jesus promised to give her a spring welling up to eternal life, but he said it “will become” that in her. She had already waited long enough, apparently. Maybe those of us who are still waiting need to wait a little more?

    • Dave, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I love the point you shared about that the spring “would become” in her. The visual and experiential picture that paints in very inspiring.

      There is certiainly something mysteriously productive that happens when our soul waits for God to quench it’s thirst!

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