The day that isn’t

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Today is not really real, it’s only an illusion. There is no 29th day of February, we learned that in elementary school.

So, what to do with the day that isn’t? Do we live as if its real and take it’s presence for granted?  Do we treat it like any other Wednesday and just run our place in the rat race? Do we ignore it until it’s over and March is finally here?

Or, do we see it as a window into the mysterious? An opportunity to embrace the present. A gift of time. What to do with “the day that isn’t?”

I’m embracing the gift of it and  leaning into its mystery. My schedule has been cleared and I am taking a day of solitude and silence. I’m anxious to explore the content of a day that doesn’t really exist. I excited to journey into the illusion of time.

What about you? What will you do with “the day that isn’t?”

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