Happy BLOGiversary!


With helium in their lungs, my family screamed…”Happy BLOGiversary!” And my eyes saw the scene in which my kitchen was filled with this…


Today is definitely a day to celebrate and I’m so grateful for a supportive (and creative) family to celebrate it with! Today is day 365 on this journey. My second foot has just crossed the finish line! This post represents the completion of a monumental goal of blogging every day for 365 days!

I am feeling this morning a bit like you do after a tremendous hike to the top of a mountain. Completely exhausted from the journey, but exhilarated by the view! 365 days ago I began this journey because of a challenge a mentor gave me. It stemmed from a conversation God has been weaving through my life for the last several years. It’s essence is the journey to discover who I am and what I am meant to do with this life I’ve been given.

When I first began, I hated blogging – the idea of it, the discipline of it, and the process of it. 365 days later, it has seeped into my soul and I am passionate about it in a way I never dreamed. Writing everyday is no longer “something I do.” It is who I am. I am a writer. If only because my soul feels it has to write! The mentor who issued this challenged has since passed away, but I’m certain that as He sees this scene with the Creator of the Universe, they are celebrating with me.

Creation, of any kind, requires your whole soul. It requires risk, sacrifice, and courage. Creation is not an event, but more like an amazing journey. Today, I stand with the God who empowered me and gifted me to write, and as we survey this creation, I can hear His booming voice say…

It is Good!


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