Things I’ve learned in 365 days of blogging : Lesson #4

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There are just days that the process of writing is laborious. Yet somehow, I find myself, even in those days, compelled to write. It’s easy to write on the days when your thoughts flow from your brain to the computer screen faster than you can construct them. It’s fun, its life-giving,  its compelling, and it’s enjoyable. But the days that it’s not….it’s just NOT!

Being creative is something that I believe is innate to every one of us. The Creator of the Universe made us in His image and He is brilliantly creative. Each individual expression of creativity is different. Some express creativity through music, words, thoughts, painting, concepts, drawings, intellect, photographs, dance, and the list can go on and on. It’s not difficult for us to be creative, we were just made that way.

The fourth lesson I learned in (almost) 365 days of blogging is : It takes courage to create.

There is a distinct difference between being creative and creating. I have learned that in order to create, and especially to create regularly, it takes a great deal of courage! You have to find boldness, push through fear, search for inspiration, silence the criticism, take risks, make mistakes, start over, and be brave in order to create on a daily basis. It takes courage to do something you were made to do, especially when you don’t want to!

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