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The art of simplicity is something I seemed to have lost somewhere along my life’s journey. Somehow, though, my soul craves it in ways I don’t fully understand. Life finds a way to get very complicated, very chaotic, and very complex. It crowds out simple pleasures, simple thoughts, and simple deeds. The art of simplicity, in my life, is like an old painting that somehow got lost in the garage during the last move we made.

Recently, I have had a strong desire, and possibly need, to dig through the abyss in my soul to find that long-lost friend named simplicity. I long to embrace the values simplicity brings. I long to remember simplicity’s insights on life, love, and laughter. I desire for simplicity to shift my perspective. I’m not entirely sure where to start this trek, but am willing to explore!

Where do you crave simplicity? How do you practice simplicity?

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