Joy of the journey


Our kids always get a lovely three day holiday from school in early February. It’s a great chance to experience a “staycation” and enjoy some Texas flavored fun. We spent the day today at Enchanted Rock. The hike was filled with laughter, adventure,exhaustion, danger, and relaxation. It was a slow paced day out in nature enjoying the big Texas sky and some exploration.

Thinking about the journey reminds me so much of the journey our lives take us on every day. There are steep climbs where we find ourselves completely out of breath, not sure if we can go any further. Our life journey takes us to mountaintops where we can see so clearly the world around us. We find ourselves in craggy ravines and dark caves, unsure of the best path the take. Sometimes, our life journey takes us to wide open and clear paths where the way is simple.

I’m not sure where you are on your life journey, but I was reminded of a few things today that I thought I would share:

1. Every journey is worth the energy you put into it.

2. There are plenty of scenery changes along the way.

3. The growth you encounter and experience on the journey is beautiful.

4. The rough parts of the journey may strangely become your favorite part.

5. Don’t give up! The view from the top is well worth the effort.

6. Regardless of where or how you travel, there is joy in the journey!


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