Recovery Hero

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I am sitting in the parking lot of a church in Austin and am unable to drive due to the tears gathering in my eyes that will not stop. I just attended the funeral services for a true recovery hero, J Keith Miller. He unknowingly became one of the most powerful mentors I have ever had. Keith helped me see God differently than I ever have. He opened a door for me to see myself and believe differently about myself. He taught me how to see other differently. In the short time God gave me to be in relationship with Keith, I was powerfully impacted beyond words I can express right now.

I celebrate the life he lived that influences millions across the world. I celebrate His journey into the presence of God. But the loss of his life, for those here, is tremendous and will be felt for quite some time.

I look forward to the day his last book, Square One, is in my hands and I have the chance to hear, in his own words, the completion of what God was teaching Him!

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