Courage in Patience

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I ran across a scripture that I have probably read more times than I can count, but it hit me in a new way. It was David who wrote,

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about patience as being a strength. I think I would agree (as would my family) that impatience is a weakness. But to invert the thought to bring myself to the conclusion that patiently waiting on the Lord is strength, is a concept that has hit me in a fresh way today.

Patience is something God has developed in me over time. It has come through dark nights of my soul, raging storms, wrestling matches with the Almighty, and heartbreak. My thinking has been that the journey from impatience has been more for the sake of others. In all honesty, I have a strong aversion to patience and its development in my life. It just doesn’t feel strong to wait. It makes me feel weak and out of control.

So this thought has hit me freshly this morning in a way that really speaks to my soul. This season of transition I am entering in my life is all about patience. Patience in the unknown, patience in the transition, patience in the day-to-day. The thought of that has made me feel weak and sometimes even silly. But as I read these words, in light of where my soul is, I can embrace the truth that patience does require strength. Waiting on God requires a supernatural courage that I cannot create for myself. It requires a bravery that is not of a human construction. The very things I need to be able to wait on the Lord, Bravery and Courage. are things only He can provide me.

Humanly speaking, I know, that sounds ridiculous and completely counter-intuitive. But, it is the physical expression of my faith. It is the strength in my soul. To wait on God for the very things that will enable me to wait on God is a beautiful display of trust, faith, and intimacy. It is anything but weak, it is a sacred journey to he heart of God lived out moment by moment.

Where is patience being developed in your life? How do you find the courage to practice patience?

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