One Day at A Time

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The nature of (I want to say Recovery, but what I really mean is humanity), so the nature of humanity is that it comes one day at a time. We have to live in it one day at a time. Strategy is one of my Strengthsfinders Top 5, so I love the idea of a 5 year plan. I live in a proactive way where thinking ahead and planning is a joy. But, the reality of recovery, humanity, imperfection, whatever…is that life is really all about change, adaptability, and dynamics.

We, especially in America, live under this cultural brainwashing (of sorts) that leads us into a state of slumber where all we are after is our 5 year plan. We are after peace, happiness, and perfection. We strategize what we want, where we want to live, who we want to love, what we want to drive, where we want to go, what we want to do, what we feel we deserve, and the list goes on. We set our sights on the fairy tale of a static life where everything is in its place and it all works out exactly as we planned. Even in recovery, we get so focused on being sober, being better, being stronger, being healed, being healthy, being happy. We set our sights on these goals and we organize our lives, our relationships, and even our faith in God around getting our desires, our plans, and our needs met.

These are not bad things, in themselves, but when I read that list it seems to be missing one major ingredient. An ingredient necessary for change, for healing, for recovery, and for life. It seems to have written God completely out of the picture. It seems the desire for God, for relationship with Him, and for His presence can’t quite fit into boxes that small. If all we are after is peace, happiness, and perfection, we miss out on life. It’s a cheap version of a life we think we are supposed to live and completely misses the point.

The idea of living One Day at Time requires us to live in a space big enough for God to be present. It means that we have to be willing to embrace His plans, His desires, and His ideas for our lives. Living that way means that every day our search is for Him first. Living one day at a time is a life of dynamic relationship, mysterious moments, and surprising developments that are meant to lead us closer into relationship with God. It leads us to a place where what we really want is God and anything else He choses to give us is secondary.

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