Raging Storm

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When I have the chance to describe the inspirational and divine experience of a leap of faith, it is great fun. It’s fun to string together a word picture that takes your imagination to a place where you are a gazelle flying free on the plains of Africa. A leap of faith is such a wonderful thing to imagine, to dream about, and to envision for ourselves.

The reality of it, though, is a bit more like a raging storm and bloody battle inside our soul. Once we step out into a place of the unknown, especially when it is driven by faith, rather than getting the wind in our face, we usually get the fist of opposition square in the jaw. When we expect to feel a breeze of freedom from our faith, we feel the winds of a raging storm beating against us. Our journey quickly moves from a stroll through the meadow to a trek across a bloody battle ground!

When we make a big decision that is driven by faith, we can expect to face a battle and a storm on the other side of it. In that place of chaos, it is often very difficult to communicate to those who love us, what we are experiencing. Whether the decision is to get sober, to move, to go back to school, to try something new, to quit something old, or anything in between, we experience this raging storm right behind our boldness and bravery.

I was trying to describe my personal experience with this reality to my husband. For the first time in a long time, I was stuck and unable to communicate. Shocking, I know! But, through his patient and kind listening, I was able to break through the barrier and find the words to describe the experience. Here is how I described the feeling of being the person unable to communicate the storm…

Imagine for a minute you are a homeowner and a tornado is coming. It may very well have already touched down in your neighborhood and it is heading straight for your home. Your initial reaction is to get yourself safe. Find a mattress or something soft and get into the bathtub or find whatever shelter your home provides you. Your goal, at that point, is to ride the storm out and sort through the mess on the other side of it. Imagine then, before the storm comes, your insurance agent rings the doorbell. They care about you and want to serve you in your time of trouble. They want to help you recover what was lost in the storm. The shock on your face is obvious, because they are trying to help you sift through the damage of a storm that is not over yet.

This pretty well describes me when I am in the middle of any kind of opposition, resistance, or storm. I just want to hunker down and wait the storm out. It’s very kind of God to provide me people who care enough about me to ring the doorbell before the storm ravages my soul. It’s very gracious for someone to want to ride the storm out with you in the bathtub so that you are not alone. It’s also another opportunity for me to grow and learn to communicate through the storm, rather than after.

The reality is, we all have raging storms that find their way in and out of our souls. We all have to find the mattress and hide in the bathtub sometimes. Every once in a while, we have the unique ring of the doorbell just before the storm. The decision is on us whether we let those folks in to ride the storm out with us or not.

What storm is raging in your soul right now? Who is standing at your door ready to go through it with you?

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