New Adventures


One of my greatest values is the value of adventure! This value fuels my love and desire to travel, start new things, take on challenges, ponder new ideas, and explore unknown territory. It gives life and energy to my soul to face a new adventure, one where anything can happen along the way. Today I stand at the fork in the road where God has brought my journey. He has invited me into a new adventure. One that I don’t fully understand and can’t fully explain, but am compelled to join Him.

For the last year and a half, I have had the distinct honor and privilege to serve at Gateway Church as the Recovery Pastor. It has been the most fulfilling, most challenging, most miraculous, most terrifying, and most astonishing time in ministry I have spent in my 20+ years. I have served with a staff team that is undeniably and incredibly gifted. I have served with a volunteer team that is beautifully brave and tenacious. I have served with a community that is wonderfully honest and inviting. I am grateful beyond words that God has been gracious enough to invite me into this community called Gateway Church! I am grateful that as God calls me into a new adventure, I get to remain a part of this amazing community!

My family is making a transition and it includes me transitioning back into our home to serve as the primary parent. I am sad to leave my staff community and the service that I love so deeply, but am excited about coming home to my amazing teenagers. I am excited for the opportunity to finish my season of motherhood well as I continue to walk my young adults into the independence of adulthood and closer to their own uniqe purposes in life!

As one door closes, as is true of God’s character, others begin to open.  I will continue to blog and be excited to see where this journey leads. I am excited to be working towards my certification as a Spiritual Director this year. I have no real idea what that means or what adventure it will create, but I am enjoying the journey. I embrace the possibilities of new projects, new opportunities, and new explorations. I look forward to continuing to live true to who God made me to be. I will continue to respond to His open doors to love, support, and encourage those He brings across my path. I will continue to love and serve my neighbors and community. I will continue to communicate divine mysteries that provide hope and healing.

This year will be one full of transition, adventure, patience, the unknown, and mystery. I look forward to seeing God’s plan unfold before my feet as I take one step of faith at a time!

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