J Keith Miller

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Today may possibly be my most difficult post in almost a year. I received the news yesterday that Keith Miller passed from this life into the next. My soul wants to celebrate for him, as I know that He is in the arms of his Daddy. My soul can imagine him in heaven whole and healthy. I want to celebrate that He is in God’s presence.

But, I also mourn the loss of a man who made a huge impact on countless lives, mine included. His books A Hunger for Healing and The Taste of New Wine both had such profound impact on my life! He has authored many other books that have helped countless lives find healing and restoration. Compelled to Control, The Secret Life of the Soul, What to Do with the Rest of Your Life, Inside I Trembled, Sin : Overcoming the Ultimate Deadly Addiction, Hope in The Fast Lane, and many others. His small group series Edge of Adventure and A Hunger for Healing  have revolutionized and transformed souls.

Keith was a man who loved God in the most sincere and honest way. He loved his family intensely. He invested his time on earth to address addiction and built a bridge between the church world and the recovery world. He was a pioneer in the early days of AA and helped shape the way souls move through addiction recovery as they discover intimacy with God.

This year I had the chance to get to know this unique soul and his wife, Andrea. The two have been a team for quite some time and my heart hurts for Andrea as she moves into her future without her best friend. Andrea has also co-authored many books with Keith and Pia Melody. She is responsible for the profound works of Facing Codependence, Facing Love Addiction, and Breaking Free.

Keith had an impact on my life through the books he authored long before I had the chance to know him. The few times I had the privilege to sit down and talk with him one on one were pivotal moments in my journey. God used him to speak profound truth, share stories, offer loving guidance, encouragement, and prayer. He leaves this world with a legacy of fighting for the freedom of his own soul and sharing that with countless others. He enters eternity with a heart that longs to embrace his Daddy!

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