Almost to the finish line

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Have you ever had that awful dream where you are running a race and you can see the finish line but you can’t cross it? In the recurring dream I have had over the years, my legs are moving but I’m staying in the same place. I start to run harder, but it’s almost as if I’m on a treadmill just yards away from the finish. It’s so frustrating because in the dream I cannot make myself move. I end up waking up from that dream so frustrated and then I start to wonder where that is happening in my waking life.

In my waking life it is happening right now…literally. As I painfully type out each word on the keyboard, it’s like my fingers are in molasses and my mind is stuck in a fog. I actually just stopped and stared at the blinking cursor for 20 seconds before I crafted this sentence. I am 46 days away from the completion to an enormous goal. 46 posts away from the finish line and I seem to be that cartoon character with circles around my legs that are moving a million miles an hour, but I’m staying in the same place. Finding myself at the finish line of my 365th post seems to be just the beginning and yet, I’m having a hard time crossing the line.

We all have our “Almost to the Finish Line” goals, tasks, issues, don’t we? Maybe yours is relational, work related, spiritual, or physical. Or maybe you’re like me and have set yourself a goal that is seemingly impossible for you to complete. We all find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward to complete the things in front of us sometimes.

It’s in these moments of being stuck and “Almost to the Finish Line” that I am reminded of my humanity. It’s such an easy thing for us to forget. As long as I am moving forward, it is so much easier to forget about the Divine hand and plan of God in my life. It’s so easy to get focused on my will for my life and my plan for my life. It’s a gracious thing when I find myself stuck and remember that I am not in this alone. It’s merciful to be reminded that I cannot accomplish this race without God’s involvement. It’s encouraging to know that I don’t have to try on my own. It’s motivational to know that I have the Creator of the Universe leading me on this journey. It’s a good thing to be reminded of my humanity and dependance on God!

What is your current “Almost to the Finish Line” experience?

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