Seeing and Receiving

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I just had a great conversation with a friend on the phone. She got very real with me about how she is feeling towards God. Her relationship with God has been based in knowledge and trying to shift that to a heart relationship has been difficult. To make the transition to an authentic, living, dynamic relationship to God has had her stuck more times than she cares to recount. Today, she found herself in that stuck place where the frustration and hopelessness became palpable. The conversation turned towards finding her next right step. It was a discussion about taking the complexity of faith, theology, and religion and finding a way to make it very simple. Simple steps that can be taken one at a time, one day at a time, that will bring transformation.

The way we think about God can affect the way we interact with Him, the way we perceive him, and the way we connect to Him. The simplicity of changing the way we see God can have a profound impact on the way we connect to Him. I challenged my friend to start seeing God in her every day. I suggested that it is His goodness that brings goodness into our lives. When our spouse loves us unconditionally, it’s God’s love that provides that gift. If our relationships are peaceful and harmonious, it’s God’s peace that enables that situation. If we can see the goodness, love, joy, and peace in our lives as God’s attempt to connect with us, show Himself to us, and be in relationship with us…it will profoundly alter the way we see Him.

When we can see Him as good, generous, kind, loving, peaceful, caring, nurturing, and loving, we can actually receive the gifts and goodness He wants to give us every day. The simplicity of seeing God in a way that is true to His character can help move us towards receiving the good things He wants to bring into our lives!

Do you find yourself stuck in relation to God? Does the frustration and hopelessness ever overwhelm you? How do you see God these days? How can you take small steps to seeing His goodness around you?

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