Best version of me

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Today, I am focusing on being the best version of me. I’m letting the old, lesser versions fade into the backdrop of history and embracing the choices that bring me to the best version of me. Those choices for me include taking a daily inventory of my thoughts, attitudes, and actions (Step 10), connecting with God through prayer, meditation, and journaling (Step 11), and surrendering to His will for my life (Step 3). I have heard from some of you say, “That’s fine for people in recovery, but what about us normal folks?” I love that question, because the truth is:

We are all Recovering from something!

We are all broken and imperfect people in relationships with broken and imperfect people. That truth leads each of our lives to have a collection of wounds, fears, arrogance, loss, resentment, lust, brokeness, pride, greed, hurt, grief, disappointment, envy, vanity, anger, and a host of other broken pieces. If we are alive and breathing, we are recovering parts of our souls that this broken world has taken from us. The life transformation, freedom, and healing that comes through recovery is made one choice at a time, one day at a time. It is through simple choices that our souls begin to recover their broken pieces.

Those practices lead to a life of adventure like no other! A life where the Architect and Master Designer has a life transforming surprise around every corner. A life that leads me to be hungry for the best version of me. A life that is not centered solely on my wishes, needs, and pleasures, but one that can turn outward and think about others. A life that has a greater desire to give than to get. A life that values people over possessions. A life of love, joy, and peace. I life that leads me to the best version of me!

What does the best version of you look like? Can you even imagine it? What choices can you make that will lead you to the best version of you? What adventure awaits you on the other side of those choices?

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