Out of Gas


This is how my day began. Literally, not metaphorically!  I woke up ready to tackle the day ahead of me with gusto, energy, and light. About an hour later, I found myself on the side of the road, hazard lights on, hearing only Voice Mailboxes of would-be rescuers. I was, in fact, already running late for an appointment that was to start in a few short minutes. I was forced to humbly call that person and tell them where I was and why I wouldn’t be making it to our meeting.

As I sat in the silence of my car without gas, I found myself giggling and then laughing out loud. The humor of the situation seemed to overwhelm me and I’m still not totally sure why. My normal reaction would be to get frustrated, irritated, and angry. I was somehow struck by how ridiculous it was for me to run out of gas. My car actually has a special display on the dash that tells you how many miles to empty and the fact that I completely ignored that it said zero AND that the gas tank was empty made the situation quite humorous.

I am definitely on higher alert to the signs around me today. It’s made my mind wander to other signs that are around me that I am just ignoring. Is my body giving me signs that it is almost out of gas or has a need? Is my spirit showing signs of fatigue and emptiness? I’m going to take the time today to check all of my vital signs before adventuring on ahead with my day!

How are your vital signs? What warning signs are you ignoring? Are you out of gas?

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