Redemption and Deliverance

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Today I am thinking about two words that are not used in our everyday language. They are words that are commonly used in our judicial system and religious circles. They are both deeply conceptual and contain the weight of so much in a few small letters. Now, I do not presume to be a judicial, theological, or religious expert and have no intentions of diving into those circles of discussion.

As I have been thinking about these words and as they have popped in and out of my conversations and experiences this week, I sought to define them for myself. Webster is always a good place to start on that journey. He interestingly defines them in very similar ways, actually using each other to try to define both, and lists them as synonymous. The underlying ideas in both have to do with rescue and liberation.

As I have spoken and heard from so many of you recently about the journeys you are on in Recovery, I am inspired by your courage and tenacity! As you stand in the doorway of 2012 and look at the year of recovery you have just spent and the year of recovery that lies ahead, I can’t help but to wish and pray for you to find these two words, Redemption and Deliverance this year. But not just find their definition, their role in grammar, or their conceptual context. My prayer is that God would guide you to experience them, live them, feel them, and be transformed by them!

Whether you are seeking freedom from an addiction, from relational wounds, from a shameful past, from disordered and unhealthy eating, from debt and financial troubles, from grief, abortion, divorce, abuse, or anything else that is keeping you stuck, I encourage you, Don’t Resolve this year. Make this a year of transformation. Find freedom and liberation through knowing God and allowing Him to transform you through the 12 Steps in 2012.

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