Clean Slate

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There is something powerful about waking up on the first morning of a New Year. My spirit awakes with the hope, possibility, and adventure! Anything is possible. Dreams I haven’t dreamed yet might be birthed this year. Hopes I have hoped for a long time might come true this year. Feats I desire to accomplish might become reality this year. Lessons I long to learn might transform me this year.

Something about New Years Day wipes away the year that’s just passed, and with it all of the good and all of the bad experienced in it. New Year’s Day is a clean slate. The chance to make right what we’ve gotten wrong. The chance to start what we’ve been afraid to start. The opportunity to take a risk, have an adventure, enter into mystery.

Today I am setting some goals, dreaming some dreams, imagining some adventures, and exploring some risks to take with the clean slate before me today.  Some are so high they will never be accomplished without the involvement of the Creator of the Universe participating with me on this journey. Some I may fail and not achieve. Some will remain only dreams for this year. Regardless, I have a Clean Slate in front of me and intend to pursue it with passionate energy, solid faith, and a hopeful heart!

What will you do with the Clean Slate set before you?

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