Year in Review

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It’s about that time for everything around us – news, entertainment, media – to start looking back over 2011. The reviews begin on who was the most influential and important person, what movies were the best, which artists moved us, what athletes inspired us, and the list will go on for the next week. Year end reviews can be fun, motivating, and inspiring.

I am spending the better part of the morning experiencing a Year in review of my own life. I am looking back over the things I’ve written, the books I’ve read, the decisions I’ve made, the people I’ve loved, and the transformation I’ve experienced. It can give me great inspiration to see who I was this time last year and to celebrate the road I’ve traveled. It is also a great marker to see what transformation lies ahead in the coming year.

As you think about the Year in review, I wonder if you would consider looking back at last year in your life. What lessons did you learn? What can you celebrate? What decisions were made? What relationships were built? What transformation lies ahead for you in 2012?

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