The morning after

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I’m the first to wake this morning and as I look around my normally tidy home, it looks like a tornado of fun invaded our house yesterday! It was a great day filled with mystery, love, intrigue, surprises, laughter, and memories. The morning after looks like a bit of work, though.

My mind can’t help but wander to Mary and Joseph. Those two young kids having just endured the journey to get to the moment of Jesus’ birth. The day they experienced that was filled with mystery, love, intrigue, surprises, and memories. But, the part of the story that’s never really been told, is the morning after. When Joseph and Mary woke the next day and realized that they had not been dreaming on that Silent and Holy night, what ran through their heads? The reality must have hit them differently, I’m sure. Joseph would have recognized the brevity of raising, protecting, and providing for God’s own Son. Mary, would have wondered how she would nurture, love, and encourage this miracle child.

The thought that must have been running through their mind on the morning after, and most likely for years, would have been…What do we do with Jesus? The very same thought runs through my mind this morning as well. We celebrated His birth yesterday. We’ve heard songs sung, shows performed, and stories told of all the miraculous things leading up to  that amazing night when Jesus was born.

There is still a story to be told in my life and in yours, just as there was in Mary and Josephs. The story and it’s plot answers the morning after question…What do we do with Jesus now?

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