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As my fingers begin to compose this post, I am experiencing a great deal of shock. My friendly WordPress blog reminders are telling me this is my 300th post. WHAT?!?! My mind is being blown at this very moment. 300 days ago I set a goal to write every day for one year…and I am still here and still writing! Me, Lisa, the girl who has struggled to complete things her whole life. Me, Lisa, the girl who has struggled with inconsistency. Me, Lisa!!

I have to give credit where credit is due and I don’t deserve an ounce of it! I have wanted to quit more times than you can imagine. I have found myself with fingers on the keyboard staring at an empty screen more times than I care to remember. God has done what He does best. He takes someone who is unqualified and unprepared and He works through them. I have certainly seen Him do that around me for years, but am experiencing Him doing that through me…even right now!

I can honestly say that the only way this is a reality is because I truly believe this is exactly what God created me to do. Of all the other goals I have set, things I have started, and things I have tried, this is the one I have not quit, been consistent, and followed through. I think, for the first time in my life, I’ve stepped into what God made me to do! I have spent many years doing a lot of great things with and for many great people. Somehow this silly little blog is really between me and God and He is using it to show me who He made me to be.

300 days of blogging and 300 words to this post!! Today I celebrate 300!

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