RePost : When Follishness trumps all

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Ok, I will admit that having faith in God is absolute foolishness. It makes no logical sense, there is no scientific proof, and it is not easily analyzed, explained, or rationalized. It really is a bit foolish. As a Christ-follower, I have had times when very respectable and intelligent people have wrestled with the foolishness of my faith. It reminds me of Paul’s explanation to the Church in Corinth,

As the Scriptures say,

   “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and discard the intelligence of the intelligent.”

So where does this leave the philosophers, the scholars, and the world’s brilliant debaters? God has made the wisdom of this world look foolish. Since God in his wisdom saw to it that the world would never know him through human wisdom, he has used our foolish preaching to save those who believe.

It’s an interesting conversation to have because faith isn’t really about human wisdom, human intellection, or human understanding. It is this strange combination of a deep heartfelt understanding in the divine and often unexplainable experiences that move our souls closer to the eternal.

God doesn’t use human words to speak to us, He uses divine encounters that sometimes only make sense to us. God doesn’t have a scientific lab where proof of His existence is experimented with, He just shows up in our humanity. Divine encounters with God are undeniable and unexplainable. God doesn’t have a YouTube channel where He is able to break down faith in three easy to understand steps. Instead, He invites us into journey and we discover pieces of the puzzle as we explore more of Him and His creation.

I recently had an experience with a beautiful soul who had been in a place of searching for God. More true of the situation is that God had been pursuing Him and drawing him to faith. The first time I met him, he began to tell me his story. This man is very intelligent, extremely communicative, and exceptionally bright. I listened intently to him beautifully create a picture of his journey to and from the heart of God.

Funny thing was, in the middle of the story, God kept whispering to me “The Shack is going to be the story that draws him into relationship with me.” I was interested that God was kind enough to do my work for me, in offering this man a next step. I continued to listen….and God continued to whisper. It was a strange experience to be sitting across someone trying to actively listen to their story as God continued to interrupt my active listening by whispering, very loudly, in my soul. I think that was a first for me and I found it very hard to concentrate.

As the encounter continued, the story took an interesting turn. It was very obvious from the phrases and words he was chosing that he was approaching the climax of the story. I was thinking, but God wants me to tell you about The Shack! I debated interrupting him and telling him about it, but wisely held that information close to my chest. His story turned and brought him to a bookstore where he grabbed a book that was on sale. Yep, you guessed it, it was The Shack! The rest of the story was a beautiful description of a divinely intimate encounter that led this man straight to the heart of God. My eyes filled with tears, my heart filled with wonder, and my soul came alive from that whole encounter!

It is these unexplainable divine encounters that act as God’s laboratory. These are the kinds of things that God would post on His YouTube channel or lecture about to prove His existence. So many times, our human desire for explanation and proof block us from seeing these divine mysteries that unfold in front of our eyes every day. Our humanity shoves them away and calls them “coincidence” or “ridiculous” or even “foolish.” If that is the case, then I’m happy to be foolish. If my faith, in all it’s foolishness, allows me to experience God’s presence in unexplainable ways, to discover divine mysteries that transcend humanity, to adventurously explore supernatural puzzles, then in my book foolishness trumps all!

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